Winners of the GPSmyCity App Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the GPSmyCity app contest!!!!  You have won a download of the full version of the self-guided city-walk app from GPSmyCity, normally $4.99 at the App Store or Google Play, for FREE!!!  Just choose from the any of the cities listed here , and let me know which one you are interested in and I will send you the link to get your FREE app from GPSmyCity.   Big Congratulations to:


  • Henk Ouwerkerk
  • Key MV
  • Yoelina Polance
  • Juan Alberto Castillo
  • Nicole Beato
  • Solanyi Lora
  • Manuela Mejia
  • Manuel Te Gusta
  • Oliver Hurtado
  • Michelle Bido II
  • Yeffrey Soriano
  • Real Nazy Mundial
  • Natanael Paulino Gonzalez
  • Ariana Blow
  • Eliseo Pizana
  • Rafi Peguero
  • Rashel Torres Noesi
  • Roger Ramos Garcia
  • Maiicol Jordan Pretty

Thank you everyone for participating!!!

Happy Travels!!!!

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