The One Piece of Baby Gear We Couldn’t Live Without

Books, magazines, and the Internet will tell you about all the gadgets and gizmos a new parent NEEDS for a baby.  You need a bottle warmer, a baby wipe warmer, a swing, a vibrating chair, a bassinet, a walker, a front carrier, a backpack, a playpen, a stroller built like a Hummer, and all of these things need every imaginable toy attached to it, and on, and on, and on.  It can be positively overwhelming!  And where are you supposed to put all that stuff anyway?!?  Or how do you even afford it in the first place?!?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is the only thing you will ever need for your baby, because that would be ridiculous.  I’m just saying that for our family, this is the one thing that we used the most and took everywhere.  It survived two kids, countless airplanes and trips, lots of miles in the mountains during all four seasons, hikes through rivers, late night janitorial work when she wouldn’t sleep but I still had a job to do, even a trip to help with hurricane relief work after Hurricane Ivan devastated parts of Florida in 2004.  With all of that action, you would think it would have been pretty hammered. You would think it had come to the end of its lifespan after everything we put it through, in our 5 years of constant use.  But it still was sturdy as ever and looked brand new.  Curious what it is???

Drum Roll please…..


It was our Kelty Kids Base Camp Carrier


Like I said, we took this everywhere with us, and after everything we put it through, it still looked brand new when we passed it on to another family.  When we went to Florida to help out with hurricane relief work, our daughter was 9 months old at the time.  We were there for a week, and she was right there with us the whole time hanging out in the backpack.  I don’t know what it is about this backpack that my girls loved so much.  Neither one of them were very big fans of the front carriers, but they loved the backpack.  I sometimes wondered if it was because they liked the change in perspective…especially when they were on daddy’s back, since he is 6’2″.  It would be kind of thrilling seeing the world from up there.

My husband and I are very different sizes.  I’m 5’2″, and he’s 6’2″.  Even with the difference in our sizes, this backpack adjusted so well to fit both of us very comfortably.  It doesn’t look like Kelty makes this particular backpack anymore.  After all, we got this backpack in 2004.  However, their new models look just as great, if not actually better than the one we had.

When my husband’s sister was going to have a baby, we shopped around and found a great Osprey Carrier that they equally love as much as we loved our Kelty.  You can check them both out on Amazon….

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