Montana Dinner Yurt

Our family is fortunate enough to be able to live in the beautiful state of Montana, where opportunities for family adventure are everywhere you look.  You just have to get outside.  This past winter we decided to experience a family dinner at the Montana Dinner Yurt.
Photo by Danford Photography

It couldn’t have been a more perfect night.  We were riding into the backcountry, up the mountain in Big Sky, Montana, on the top of a snowcat.  Snuggled up warm under the wool blankets that are provided, we watched as the most incredibly, perfect snow storm was happening all around us.  The kind with the big, fat flakes that make the most perfect powder to play in.  Where the world is quietly hushed under a deep blanket of snow.

The snowcat ride takes about 15 minutes to get up the mountain to the Yurt.  If you don’t want to climb on top of the snow cat, there is plenty of seating inside as well.  However, since we don’t get to ride a snowcat everyday, we definitely wanted to ride on top with our family.  You arrive and follow a torch lit path into the warmth of the candlelit yurt, and the smell of what will be a most amazing dining experience.   You don’t have to wait long for the first course.  Waiting at your table all ready for you is a delicious bowl of french onion soup.  Because of our gluten issues, we called ahead to tell them about our special dietary needs, and they were most happy to help us.   Once we were shown our table, we found the soup that was gluten free and without the bread.  It tasted so amazing and was the perfect way to warm up after the chilly ride up the mountain.  Once we were all warmed up, we put our snow clothes back on and headed outside for some torch lit sledding in that perfect snowstorm.
Photo by Danford Photography

After lots of laughs and great memories made, we headed back into the cozy yurt for the next course…..Beef Tenderloin that is so tender, you don’t even need a knife, sauteed veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes.  They do offer a kids menu, but after discussing our need to eat gluten free, they offered our children the beef tenderloin as well, at the child price.  Our girls were most happy about that.  After dining by candle light to the sound of acoustic guitar in the background, we headed back outside for more sledding and stargazing by the bonfire.  Dessert was a bit trickier to navigate gluten free.  It’s a delicious chocolate fondue with fruit and pound cake.  We were with our extended family that night, so they let me and our two daughters have a separate fondue pot to avoid cross contamination.  Now that I know, I can ask for this ahead of time, as well as a plate of just fruit, with no pound cake on it.

We had the most amazing time at the Montana Dinner Yurt.  I highly recommend it for a special occasion, or just for a fun Montana experience.

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