Gourmet Gluten Free Dining at the Gallatin River Lodge

So Friday afternoon I receive the following text from my husband:

“Are you available for dinner tomorrow night at 6:30?  Dress is nice, but not quite black tie. “

Like I’m ever going to turn down a date with my hubby!  I had no idea where we were going, and he wasn’t giving me any clues.  It seemed like we were just out for a drive on a beautiful Montana back road.  We were meandering over the newly green hills, and through the farm land that was just starting to wake up from the cold winter.  The deer were out and it was a beautiful evening.  He turned off of Cameron Bridge Rd. and onto a beautiful tree-lined dirt road.  He said we were getting closer, but I was baffled still.  I had no idea what restaurant was even out here in the countryside.  Then there was a break in the trees and I saw the sign…..


Of course!!  I had always wanted to eat at the Gallatin River Lodge, but somehow we had never gotten around to trying it.  The Gallatin River Grill has a reputation for being one of the tops in fine dining in our area.  I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype!

As soon as you turn onto the road to the lodge, you can’t help but be blown away by the beauty and serenity of the land that surrounds the lodge.


Once seated at our table, you are treated to breath-taking views from the dining room.  One wall is just windows that look out over a pond, and in the distance stand the majestic Spanish Peaks.  I’m sure in the summer, they are able to completely open up that wall and turn the dining room into an outdoor dining experience.  The deer were out grazing and frolicking about, while the geese played by the pond.  It’s a very peaceful, very Montana setting.  We each started off with one of their hand-crafted, unique cocktails.

grlcocktails I got a huckleberry martini, and my husband tried the spiced pomegranate martini

With the cocktails, the waiter offered a bread basket to my husband with a balsamic butter.  It looked good, but wasn’t gluten free, so I stayed away from that.

The waiter was very helpful with the menu when I asked for his help to find out what was gluten free.  He told me that most of the menu options could be tweaked here an there to make them gluten free and safe to eat.  I perused the menu and decided to try the special for the night.  It was a lamb tenderloin with parsnips and cauliflower, a mint salad, and a balsamic reduction sauce….all naturally gluten free, and all direct from local farms.  I couldn’t wait to try it!!!


Oh my goodness!!!  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  My taste buds were doing a happy dance.  I can’t believe I have lived in the Gallatin Valley almost my entire life and never have eaten here.  It’s definitely going on my “top choices” date night list from now on.  My husband’s dinner looked incredible as well.  He had ordered the beef tenderloin with a truffle hollandaise sauce.  I wasn’t sure if it was safe for me to eat because of the sauce, so can’t tell you how it tasted, but by the look of utter satisfaction on his face, I’m gonna go with…delicious.

After our divine dinners, we decided to try their flourless chocolate cake that was gluten free.  It was equally as incredible as everything else we had eaten.  (They also have creme brulee, as well as ice cream that are gluten free).


After we were done eating, we felt no rush whatsoever to leave so they could fill our table, as we often feel at other restaurants..  The restaurant, while busy, was very quiet, and a great place to hang out, talk, and take in those vast Montana views.  There are also some very comfy leather couches that you can relax on and enjoy a glass of wine after dinner, if you like.

The Gallatin River Lodge definitely takes pride in their service and quality of ingredients.  I’m sure it would also be an absolute lovely place to stay for a Montana getaway.  I highly recommend this place for all of my gluten free friends, and all of my non-gluten free friends!!!

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