Gluten Free Happiness at Lot G Cafe

We are blessed to live in a place that is very gluten free friendly and knowledgeable.  It has made eating out and buying groceries sooo much easier as awareness grows.  Even so, there is always the dreaded risk of cross-contamination when we eat out, until now.  We were so happy to find out about a new, 100% gluten free restaurant opening up in Bozeman, Lot G Cafe.  Not only is everything gluten free, the food tastes incredible.  Even my gluten loving friends love it!!

The restaurant is in the up and coming Cannery District and has a very bright and modern atmosphere.  They source a lot of their food directly from local farmers and ranchers so it’s as fresh as you can get.  Our first meal there almost made me want to cry. It was that delicious!!  I think back to all the fish and chip shops I frequented in Ireland and England before I knew I had Celiac’s and thought I would never again get such good fish and chips, until Lot G came along and brought fish and chips back into my life.

Both of my girls also gave their food 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!!

As you can see we have been there a couple of times now and decided that our goal is to try everything on their menu at least once. That’s not something we can say about every place we eat. Life is all about big goals, right?

Dream Big and Eat Well!! =)

 109 E Oak St #1J, Bozeman, Montana, MT 59715

406.600.6802  email: [email protected]


This post is from my own experiences.  I was not paid or asked to write this review.

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