Essential Oils and How We Help Our Kid’s Deal With Ear Pain on Flights

I know as a parent you are familiar with this scenario:

You’re nearing the end of the flight.  Your child is sleeping so peacefully.  You stare lovingly at your perfect little traveler, congratulating yourself on not being one of those parents whose kids are screaming on the flight and destroying everyone’s peace.  And then……

Out of nowhere, those perfect, sweet little eyes fly open and, without warning, your perfect little angel turns into a crazy maniac.  You wish you could pretend like this is someone else’s child and you just happen to be sitting next to him/her.  You immediately feel the sweat start pouring down your back and you’re holding back the panic.  You try distraction….look at this fun toy,  here is a delicious snack, Peek-a-Boo.  He/She is clawing at the seat belt trying to get out of their seat as they scream and scream.  You’re trying to be the cool, calm, collected mom that is nothing but chill in situations like these.  You try to avoid eye contact with anyone sitting near you, but you can feel their eyes judging you .  You’re one of those parents who have no control over their child.  This is not who you are.  This is not who your child is.  WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!

Ok, by now you’re probably saying, “Get yourself together Becky!”  because as I am typing this, I am remembering a very specific flight where my angelic two year old became a crazy maniac and, of course, it was just me on the seven hour flight with her.  I can still feel the panic well up when I think about it.  I also very much remember, the couple sitting behind me trying their best to make her smile and giving her fun snacks.  To this day, I remember their kindness and try to show the same kindness to other parents who are working so hard to help their kids calm on the flight.  We’re in this together people!! My daughter did eventually calm down once we landed.  I, however, was dripping in sweat and wanted to run off the plane and hide in a corner and cry.  But, not to worry, she is almost twelve now and is one of my favorite flying companions, so we got over our differences.  We didn’t let that terrible meltdown prevent us from future travels.  In fact, the more we traveled the easier it got for all of us.  However, there was still one problem….ear pain.

After one particular rough descent for our four year old daughter, the flight attendant gave me a great tip that we have used ever since.  She recommended giving her something that would open up her sinuses before flights so that the pressure on her little ears would be eased.  It worked to a degree, and I still make sure to bring some children’s Sudafed with me on the plane.  (Medications over 3 ounces need to be checked by TSA, but you are able to bring them in your carry-on, at least at the time of me writing this, this is true.)  I always make sure to give it to my kids a half hour before we start our descent so that it starts working, and the descent is always worse on their ears than ascending, at least it is for my kids.  I know all kids are different.  I don’t mind giving them the Sudafed, but I definitely am always trying to figure out a better alternative, something more natural to use for my kids.

Recently, our family has started using more Essential Oils,  doTERRA specifically, is what I have fallen in love with.  I became a wellness advocate for them because I love the discounts I can get on the oils now that our family can’t live without them.  This past January, we were going to be spending our 15th anniversary on the beautiful island of Kauai.  With my new found love of these oils, I started doing some research into what might help their little ears.  I ran across mention of using Peppermint Oil on ears, so I decided to try it.  I made my little roller ball bottle mixture of Fractionated Coconut oil and Peppermint Oil.  As long as it is under 3 ounces, and you have it in your liquids bag when you go through security, you will have no problem.


Did it work?

Let me just say, I will never get on a flight again without it.  At one point in the flight, my now eight year old daughter mentioned her ears were starting to hurt.  We were still in calm, cool and collected mode, and stay that way, we did.  I rolled some peppermint oil in front of both of her ears, and behind both of her ears, and within seconds the pain was GONE!!  On another flight from this same trip, we were on the descent, and my almost twelve year old was sleeping on one of her ears, so I was only able to put the peppermint on one side.  When she woke up, she had pain in the one ear that I was unable to apply the peppermint, but her other ear was perfectly fine.  So did it work?  Yes indeed!!

More Essential Oils We Can’t Live Without on Our Travels….

On Guard Oil and On Guard Beadlets

This oil combines Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary and is a great first line of defense for immune support.  What better place do we need immune support than while we’re stuck on a plane, breathing recycled air, and sitting next to the guy that has been coughing, or worse, for the last five hours?  Definitely a must for travel!!


Lavender  lavender bottle

This is one of those super oils in my opinion.  It helps reduce anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep.  Traveling can make it hard to do both of those things for adults and kids.  It also helps with skin irritations like bug bites, or a sunburn, and is why it is always in our travel bag.  There is another benefit I recently discovered on my last red-eye flight.  Trying to sleep as best I could, all wrapped up in my cozy sweater with my eye mask in place, I kept waking up because the guy behind me stunk so bad!!! Like a guy who had been doing nothing but drinking mai tais and sweating for the last week and forgot to shower ever.  You know it was bad because the intensity kept waking me up.  Since there was nowhere to go to escape him, I put some lavender on my eye mask, near my nose.  Not only did it mask his smell, I slept a lot better than I normally do on a plane.


I love this one all the time because of our food sensitivities.  It is a blend of Ginger Rhizome/Root, Peppermint Plant, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Anise Seed, Tarragon Plant, and Fennel Seed essential oils.  It’s great for any tummy upset, even parasites.


More about Peppermint

I have already told you how much I love Peppermint for easing ear pain, but there are more reasons why this oil is in our travel essentials bag.    It’s great for motion sickness, headaches, jet lag, heartburn, energy and problems with digestion.  When I’m feeling sleepy, I like to put a drop of Peppermint and a drop of Citrus Bliss in my hand and take three big breaths and then rub it into my neck and shoulders.  It is very refreshing and cooling.  I almost feel like I just left the spa, except I have never left my seat on the plane.  The beadlets are tiny and easy enough for my kids to swallow if their tummies are upset for any reason.  I love this oil!!

I’m sure the more we travel, and the more we learn, I’ll be adding more essential oils to our travel bag.  I have read a lot that Helichrysum is excellent for ears, and at the time of this post, I hadn’t added it to our collection yet.  I have it now and am excited to try it on our next flight.  I’ll let you know how it works… Until then I hope this information can be useful for all my fellow travelers out there.

Happy Travels!!!



4 thoughts on “Essential Oils and How We Help Our Kid’s Deal With Ear Pain on Flights

  • September 10, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Hi Becky!
    This is an amzing post as I have been suffering from ear pain on airplanes (and recently mountains on the descend) since I was a child. Have you tried adding coconut oil and peppermint together and putting in your daughters ears?

    I put the peppermint on the outside of my ears and it eases the pain but it doesnt get rid of it. If I were to add coconit and peppermint together and put inside my ear, is this safe or would this possible make the pain go away?

    My pain is so excruciating that it trickles down my jaw and my neck 🙁

    Anything would help,



    • September 19, 2018 at 3:28 pm

      Ear pain is awful on planes!! I mix coconut oil and peppermint and use a roller and roll it all around my daughters ears, but not inside the ear. That seems to do the trick every time. I hope that helps and you get some relief.

  • July 30, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    How many drops of peppermint did you use?

    • July 31, 2018 at 3:56 pm

      I used 10 drops in a 10 ml bottle


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