Is Booking a 1-, 2-, or 3-Bedroom Villa at Aulani Really Worth the Extra Money?

YES YES YES!  A thousand times YES!!

Now that you know how I really feel, I’ll tell you why.  I’ll admit when I saw the price difference between a studio and a one bedroom I choked a bit.  Was a bedroom really worth $1000+?  We went back and forth on it for days and decided to go for it.  After all, our girls are getting older and we have a teenager, so we need a little more space and a little more privacy, both for our girls and for me and my hubby….wink, wink.  Plus, the 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom villas all have a full kitchen and a washer and dryer.  Nobody thinks they want to do laundry on vacation, but let me tell you, that washer and dryer are a life saver, especially with kids.  Another bonus is that you don’t have to pack as much since you can wash your clothes there.  Which leaves plenty of space to bring home those Hawaiian souvenirs.

For anyone who has ever been to Hawaii, you will already know this fact.  Food in Hawaii is one of your biggest expenses by far.  It is pricey!!  And food at Aulani is no exception.  In fact, I think it may be the most expensive place I have ever eaten on any of the Hawaiian islands.  The food and drinks are outstanding, but expensive.  No matter what island we are visiting, we always hit up Costco first and stock up for the week.  Having a well stocked kitchen, in the end, saved us a lot of money that we would have spent eating out.  Plus, with our needing to eat gluten free, we can be sure that our food is cooked right since we made it ourselves.  We cooked all of our meals and made most of our own mai tais, except for one fancy dinner at Ama Ama on our anniversary.  I’ll talk about that amazing dinner in another post.  We all loved having breakfast out on the large lanai every morning.  There’s just something kinda awesome about needing to wear your sunglasses while drinking your Kona coffee in the morning.  Especially if you live in a place with long winters like we do.  Had we not chosen the villa with a kitchen, we would have had to eat out 3 meals a day and, for the four of us, that would have cost well over the $1000 extra that we paid for the 1 bedroom villa.  So, ya, totally worth it!

The Villas are quite spacious and the amenities are exceptional.  When you have a family, it’s nice to have a little extra room.  The layout of our one bedroom villa was very well thought out.  Well of course it was, Disney is the bomb when knowing what families want.  They are all about the details.  One of the little details that my girls loved was finding all the hidden mickeys all around our villa.  The design on the bedding has hidden mickeys, as well as the art on the wall.  The lamps have hidden mickeys that you don’t see until you turn on the light.  I won’t tell you where else they are so you can have fun finding them yourselves.  Just know, they’re everywhere, and the girls loved the mini scavenger hunt around our villa to see who could find the most.

The living room had a pull out sofa bed, but the really cool thing was that in the entertainment center was a hidden murphy bed.  Our youngest thought that was the most amazing thing ever.  Who am I kidding, we all thought that was the most amazing thing ever.  And if I was 11, that is exactly where I would want to sleep too.  So even though the sofa bed had plenty of room for both of our girls, she slept on the murphy bed every night.  Anyone who has more than 2 kids would still have plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable, and that is fantastic!  Thank you Disney!

So if you are on the fence, like we were, about whether the extra expense is worth it for the bigger villas, just know that, YES, it is soooo worth it!!  You will not regret it all and it will only add to your incredible vacation that I know you will have while staying at Aulani.


Happy Travels!!

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